February 28th, 2011
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    So I was a native American? Shoosh, makes sense; I have some native American in me! Seriously.
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    A lot of things, actually! Vikings, the Roman empire, European history, Oscar Wilde (like one other person who reblogged...
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    I like learning about the feudal eras of Japan and China, but I just thought that was because I’m a weeaboo .__. I also...
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    A Polish soldier during WWII ….. ; U ; I WAS POLIIIISH.
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    Nazi era- Oh ok.
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    Goddamn, I died in the Blitz.
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    I’m a medieval woman I guess then? Funny and true story. I met a guy at a party one time. When I told him I was a...
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    All I know is that I was a Jew. Errrrr. Yeah, s’all I got.
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    …So, I suppose that I lived during The Crusades, and spent a bit of time in ancient Egypt, and the Roman Empire. And,...
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    French Revolution. No regretsa.
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    Espionage during and after the World Wars. Also, privateers. A pirate killed me during a mission, yup yup.
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    I’ve got Witch Trials, I’ve got Civil Rights Movement, I’ve got World War II, I’ve got American Civil War…. I’ve lived...
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    So, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution. Then, there’s also the life of Alexander the Great, and most recently,...
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    the holocaust ? *gulp*
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    ancient Egyptian ftw
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    I was Hitler
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    French Rev. Cold War. American Rev—wait, make that like, all of America’s history. DOES THE TROJAN WAR COUNT?
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    WW2 in Europe and Japan specifically. OH. Also Spanish conquest of the Americas in 1500s etc etc. WELL THEN.
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    I guess I was Beethoven, then.
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    World War 2 Pilot? awwwwwwwwwww yeah~
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    American Industrial Revolution! I hope I wasn’t a factory worker immigrant because I had to read The Jungle and that...
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    girl patriot in the revolutionary war. heck yeah.
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    show—pony | mastaofravenkroft | ryantrianglesross | oshawott | snoipahkat | mucchi | homefuck | colorfulheart |...
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    UHH either I was in the Aztec empire, or I was a samurai during the Meiji restoration. LOL SCREWED EITHER WAY.
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    PAST LIVES, PAST LIVES EVERYWHERE they were probably all communists like, in Central Europe or Russia or China or...
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    Ancient Greek, Egypt, & China… Salem Witch stuff… and WW2? I’m racking my brain right now for anything else that I found...
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    Apparently I was a revolutionary during the the French revolution and a Russian soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. I...
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    World War II,The Great Depression, The Roaring 20s, World War I, The Early 1900s, Civil War, War of 1812, Revolutionary...
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